Lost Babes: Margaret Nolan

Margaret Nolan in a rare clothed pose

Strapping 5'10" Margaret Nolan was an English actress and glamour model (under the name Vicki Kennedy) who was born in 1943 but is most famous as the girl in the credit sequence of Goldfinger.

Ooh, I feel so seventeenth century!

Now this is art

Not so sure about this one, though.

Nice cushions!

She's under there somewhere

Margaret is filmed for the opening sequence of Goldfinger in a very high-tech studio

"Just lie there and look artistic!"

" I can act too, you know!" "Shplendid!"

She also had a small part as James Bond's masseuse, Dink, (?) in the sequence by the pool of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami , being swatted on the posterior by Sean Connery and being told to disappear as he had to have "man talk" with Felix Leiter.

"You're just about to become a James Bond documentary favourite clip!"

The most famous bottom swat in Cinema
This is a favourite sequence of film critics, women, pinkos and other idiots who try to prove that James Bond is sexist. Er, yes.

41-23-37 No silicone here.

What bets that it's gold foil?

Unlike most minor James Bond girls Margaret kept on acting, clocking up six Carry On films (where her characters had names like "Busty Lass" -seriously) and acting in film and TV until the mid-eighties in things as varied as: A Hard Day's Night, Crossroads, Danger Man, The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery, Budgie, Last of the Summer Wine, The Sweeney and even Brideshead Revisted.

Why would Playboy want me?
She also posed for Playboy, post-Goldfinger (Playboy has always had a close relationship with the James Bond film makers and, indeed, Ian Fleming).

Margaret looking smooth.

She made several "artistic" films for UK nudie pioneer Harrison Marks.

Now she lives in Spain and creates art based on collages of herself when she was younger (!) And why not?

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