Dead Strange from Italy

2007 Calendar: fetching top hats

The lovely B sent me a link to an Italian Coffin manufacturer's calendar.

2003: Their first calendar. Oh dear, I think they must have had an art director for this one.

Only in Italy would they stick girlies next to coffins but Cofanifunebri produce one of these every year, it seems.

2006: Girls, bondage, coffins. What's not to like?

What is even more odd than sticking scantily clad girls next to coffins is why B was looking at coffin manufacturers' sites at all.

And just in case you thought it was a fake:

2008 Calendar: going all up-market
For next year's calendar the girls are looking what passes for sophisticated in this sort of photography (not that there is a whole lot of girls and coffins photography out there).

2005: Hand built by rather ropey looking girls

For 2005 they went into their own workshops to demonstrate how their high quality product was produced by low-rent looking girls.

2004: words fail me, actually.

The 2004 edition was still bi-monthly and looked like a rather cheaper effort than 2003. Not the coffin, the girl.

Mama mia!

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