Gallo Turning Leaf Pinot Noir 2005

Agent Triple P fancied a Californian Pinot Noir last night but it isn't easy to come by over here. The new posh wine shop in the village (most wines start at £10 a bottle) only had one American red before Christmas and that was a Virginian (!) Cabernet.

We picked up the Gallo in Tesco for £6.99 and it wasn't bad. Didn't have great length but it was definitely a Pinot Noir with a nice cherry taste. It had what is technically known as a Stelvin closure (i.e. a screw cap) which we are coming to appreciate more and more as a sensible way to seal wine bottles.

All this interest in Californian Pinot Noir is down, of course, to S and A our naughty Californian friends. It takes a girlie (or in this case two) to get us to try something new (!). We have always had good experiences with girls who like red wine but there are still a depressing number who only like white. Ever since VA (a Rioja girl) and SC the paratrooper's daughter (a Southern Rhone girl) we have realised that red wine girls are more likely to be that little bit more interesting. Perhaps it is because red wine is a more sensual experience than white and, therefore, the girls who like it tend to be more sensual and passionate (that is certainly our experience anyway!)
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