Brande Roderick: Californian Wine Girl

We haven't had a babe on the site for some time, surprisingly, and all this talk about Pinot Noir means that the most appropriate pictures are of Playboy Playmate Brande (why can't Americans spell?) Roderick in a Californian vineyard.

This was certainly an inspired idea by the art director of this shoot. The concept of taut young girls with bare legs treading squishy grapes is a strong one but these seem to be the only such pictures on the net, although there was an enjoyable girlie grape treading scene in one of the later pink Panther films. Agent Triple P thinks that there is a window for a specialist erotic website here. You can have Californian girls, Australian girls, French girls, Italian girls, South African girls etc. all getting nice and juicy in their home vineyards. Grapetastic!

We've never tried crushing grapes over a girl before but we quite like the effect.

We wonder how much it would cost to get a tub of grapes delivered to our hotel suite next time we are in California so we can get S and A to crush them?

We are sure that at a good Beverly Hills hotel like the Beverly Hilton or the Beverly Wilshire they could arrange it for you.

We'd like to see S and A just wearing little white cotton vests and nothing else, we think. Ideal treading attire.

We're not sure whether these grapes are Pinot Noir or not.

Here are some real Pinot Noir for comparison.

Can you fit two Californian girls in here?

Californian born Brande was born in 1974 and was twenty-six when she appeared in Playboy in 2000 for this pictorial.

As a result she was hired by the producers of Baywatch, which was then very much on it's last (tanned) legs and had moved location from California to Hawaii after the eco-loony Australians stopped the planned filming near Sydney because of potential damage to the envionment.

She was elected Playboy Playmate of the year, the first Baywatch girl to actually achieve this even though previous Playboy Playmates had been centrefolds (Erika Eleniak, Pamela Anderson, Donna D'Errico).

She married a former American football star and plans to live in Hawaii.
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