Calendar Calamity

Every Christmas for at least fifteen years Agent Triple P has been given the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar by one of his girlies. So sure was he of receiving one this year that he did not buy one himself even when he saw one in Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica.

But on Christmas day although we did get a babe calendar it was not the SI one. The one he did receive featured only British babes. Not a Brazilian, Czech or Californian in sight. Apparently, the importer of the SI calendars has gone broke so there are none in the UK this year. Tragedy.

So in 2008 Agent Triple P will have to feature this rather more downmarket calendar. But maybe this is for the best. After all, the SI calendar does tend to feature the same old women year after year, and given my coverage in 2007 we would be repeating ourselves (at least five times by the look of it). Anyway this is what we are missing this year.
Although at least SI seem to have got out of the habit of keeping girls on well past their sell by date because they were popular with their American readers (i.e. they had big busts so we don't care that their faces are getting a bit less than fresh). The classic case of this was Kathy Ireland, a woman we never found remotely attractive. Here she is in 1987 aged 24. Nice body but something weird about her face.

Ten years later and she is still posing for SI although they are having to light her in a "clever" way. It was a great relief when they kicked her out of the calendars!

So maybe a year of downmarket British girls (who we suspect will not be quite so attractive but probably much bustier-now there is a dilemma for Agent DVD!) will make a change. And, in truth, we have not been above the odd downmarket British girl ourselves in recent years.

However, we also received another Calendar (oddly the same one we gave to Agent DVD) so we can feature two calendar girls a month this year. We will do this at the beginning and half way through the month. How exciting!
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