Waterloo and City Chaos again

Bank Station: turned into Deathtrap Dungeon by ravening hordes of aggressive women!

So, they announce it is out of action again this morning but by the time we arrive it is restored although there is a big backlog of people all the way up the ramp. Agent DVD claims it is always like that at that time. This is why we have been coming in an hour later!

Now Agent Triple P is far too delicate to stand on the train in the morning so habitually waits just back from the doors so he can get a seat on the next train. This enables the sad "must get on" crowd to jam themselves into that horrible curved-topped bit by the doors.

Watch out matey, they're massing in order to conduct a pincer movement!

However what is happening now is that people, usually girls, are pushing past and then stopping in front of you and not getting in the carriage so that they can get the first seats on the next train. Sorry, girls, if you aren't cramming yourself onto the train you have to QUEUE UP LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

When I reached the other end and got out of the carriage some stocky fat girl leaps out of the door and lands right in front of me, elbowing me out of the way and causing me to recoil several feet in case I catch a dose of plug-ugly.
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