A Handbag?

Get a grip, woman!

Women's passion for handbags reached a new height of fashion insanity in 2007, even for them.

This year Marc Jacobs was selling a crocodile handbag for £13,000. Fendi had a chinchilla and sable bag for £20,000. The Louis Vuiton Tribute bag was £23,484. If you are worried that those might be lacking in exclusivity then Herm├Ęs had a crocodile version of it's exclusive Birkin bag with a 10 carat diamond clasp for £120,000. Top of this ridiculous tree was Chanel's Forever Bag with 334 diamonds, solid gold metalwork and a white alligator body for a healthy £130,000!

Actually, the last two are sort of understandable. If you stick enough diamonds on anything you can get the price of something mundane up to something sky high. But twenty thousand pounds for a bag with no gold and diamonds on?!!

According to Selfridges the average price of their designer handbags is now £850. Sales of handbags in Britain have increased by 146% in the last 5 years.

A survey carried out at a shopping centre this summer found that the average 30-year-old British woman owns twenty-one handbags at any given time, and buys a new one every three months !

This is why men rule the planet and women do the ironing.
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