Holly Willoughby

Holly: knows where her talents lie

We have always appreciated Holly Willoughby from the time when she appeared on Saturday morning Children's TV.

Not a stick

She always looked so delightfully curvaceous, in a TV world of stick-like women, and the producers of the show seemed to delight in putting her into skimpy clothes or some sort of uniform and once, memorably, into a bikini. In the studio. In front of an audience of children. Inspired!

A bikini by the pool. Fair enough!

Passes the "does she look good in a vest?" test!

Holly with squashy globe

Holly last night: threw the producers into a tizzy.

So, we are delighted to see her hosting Dancing on Ice on Sunday evenings. Yesterday's incredibly low-cut Greek Goddess-type dress was the highlight of the series so far. According to The Sun (so it must be right), the producers went into a panic as they were worried she might fall out of it and that it wasn't appropriate for a family show. It seems entirely appropriate to us, if ratings are your goal, which they must be for a commercial TV station.

Holly is on the left. You mean she's not a real blonde! There is so much to admire in this picture.

Brighton-born Holly used to be a lingerie model which has resulted in a number of very fine photographs.

She's not just a pretty bust, Polly!

She modelled mainly for Pretty Polly and, at five foot eight inches has the legs to match her bust.

Latterly, she has put on a little weight but it all seems to have gone onto the right areas and despite saying in the press this week that she wants to keep her curves for her husband she seems intent on displaying as much of her magnificant chest as possible whenever she gets the chance. Good for her! So let's hope some killjoy TV producer doesn't cover her up next week!

Covered up again.

My German correspondent B (who is currently working in the Low Countries) will no doubt contact me again and say that despite the fact we constantly claim not to be a bust man we are constantly posting pictures of women with big busts! Of course we only do this for Agent DVD's benefit!

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