Golf Umbrellas

That's an extra £50 a day for you girlie and an extra £50 fine for promoting Liverpool. Capital of culture, indeed!

It's pouring with rain in London this morning and the hideous golf umbrellas have come out in force. Agent Triple P can't stand umbrella's and golf ones in particular. The only place for golf umbrellas is on a golf course, not in a city of eight million people.

A particular type tends to get a golf umbrella. The type that drives a BMW 4x4. The type that says: "I am really important and rich and you can read the name of my company, which you could only dream of working for, in large letters on my umbrella. And just to reinforce how important I am, I am going to take a disproportionate amount of space on our crowded pavements. I will then walk along with the front edge pointed downwards so I can't see where I am going, so you better get out the way!"

Agent Triple P has an answer to the problem of golf umbrellas in the city. Congestion charging! For every three inches diameter over a normal umbrella you pay a £5 a day charge. Simple.

After all, let's face it, why do you need an umbrella anyway? IT'S ONLY WATER!
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