Most Searched Item: February 2010

" Emily Blunt nude". Just overtaken "Cheryl Cole's arse" as the most popular searched phrase on the site.

February has seen a huge leap for cute British actress Emily Blunt; no doubt linked to her new (pretty dreadful, we gather) film Wolfman.

1 (4) Emily Blunt. Storming to the top for the first time.
2 (2) Margaret Nolan. Still at number two for perennial favourite.
2 (1) Sophie Howard. Drops 20% against Margaret.
4 (5) Cheryl Cole. Highest position ever for the future Ms Tweedy.
5 (4) Brande Roderick. Grape squashing Playmate stays in top five.
6 (15) Daniela Sarahyba. Big climb for unpronouncably named model.
7 (9) Pirate girls. Avast behind, me hearties!
8 ( 7) Tori Praver. Loses top Sports Illustrated place to Daniela.
9 (10) Linda Lusardi. Interesting to see what her entry on Venus Observations scores.
10 (11) Irena Shayk. Another place up this month.
11 (13) Jarah Mariano. South Seas swimsuit babe.
12 (12) Holly Willoughby. Holding steady for Dancing on Ice presenter.
13 (14) Luci Victoria. Up one more for British Playmate.
14 (8) Gabrielle Drake. The elegant Miss Drake is the oldest woman in the list.
15 (20) Kayleigh Pearson. Up again for busty model.
16 (-) Body painting. We don't like it but you do.
17 (17) Sarah Harding. Girls Aloud party girl stays in for third month running.
18 (-) Ekaterina Ivanova. Rolling Stones ex seems interesting to many. She's not. we've met her.
19 (-) Ayshea Brough. Cute UFO babe and early pop presenting princess.
20 (-) Erika Eleniak. New entry in top twenty and we only have one picture of her on the site!

Swimsuit model Daniela Sarahyba is the biggest climber. Odd as we don't rate her as highly as some of last year's other Calendar girls. Biggest drop is for poor old Kelly Brook. Sixth last month and not one single search this month!

Looking at the top non girlie searches we have:

1 The Adventures of Triple P.
2 Venus Observations.
3 Mark Cavendish Bike.
4 How to Murder your Wife soundtrack.
5 The Big Country Soundtrack.
6 Fontainebleau Hotel
7 Pan Am Clipper
8 Sanger-Bredt anti-podal bomber
9 German Moon shot.
10 Korean rockets.
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