More naughty Carla Bruni pictures up for auction.

Carla Bruni upskirt

Poor old Carla Bruni, just as she is trying to keep a low profile over the "is she or isn't she bonking one of her musical collaborators on the side?" issue then yet another auction house turns up with more naughty pictures of her for sale.

However, unlike the 2008 $91,000 black and white photograph sold by Christies, Agent Triple P thinks that Helmut Newton's up the skirt photo is very fine indeed. The picture, which appeared in Vanity Fair was taken in Bruni's own home in Cavalière.

Hanson's slutty looking picture. It'll kill you you know: if the French secret service don't do it first!

One not so amazing thing is how the internet news services can't agree on even a few simple facts about this. The Daily Telegraph, who really should know better, say that both photos are by Helmut Newton and were both taken when she was 25. In fact, as Metro correctly reports, one is by Newton but the other is by Pamela Hanson. But Metro then goes on to say in it's article that the Newton one was taken in 1987 whilst the caption for the picture says 1992. Idiots! You'd think they could at least manage some consistency.
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