Future interiors from the past 2: Kohler "Mayflower" bath.

Here we present a lovely vision of restrained 1950s eroticism from the Kohler of Kohler company of Wisconsin from 1959.
The large angle bath became popular in America in the early 1950s at a time when British homes were still languishing in a bathroom architecture originating in Victorian times. Despite the fact that similar plastic baths are still available now, fifty years later, this original example was enamelled iron.
The strength of this image, of course, is in the promise of the fit blonde just beginning the process of undressing by removing a shoe. The bath runs hot, wet and welcoming; our fifties lovely all too keen to soothe her finely wrought limbs in its warm embrace.

The promise of an erotic interlude in the bathroom brilliantly encapsulated!

Kohler Corporate HQ

The Kohler company was founded in 1873 by an immigrant to the US from Austria, John Kohler. Initially they produced industrial and agricultural iron products until 1883 when they applied enamel to an iron horse trough to create the company's first bath. Kohler itself is a company town and the company HQ remains in the town. The company is still run by the Kohler family. All is not happy for them as they have been accused of being one of the heaviest polluters in the US (which is saying a lot!) and were also in trouble in 1999 for discriminating against women (enforced by a minimun height requirement for its workers).

However, Agent Triple P does not care about this as long as they continue to run striking and sexy advertisements! Which they do!

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