Kelly Brook in Ultimo lingerie

Kelly shows off her lovely waist/hip ratio.

Kelly Brook has been announced as the new, er, "face" of Ultimo lingerie with the welcome release of some new pictures of the lovely creature.

Ultimo, despite its Italian sounding name, was set up in that well known fashion centre, Glasgow, just over ten years ago. Michelle Mone, its founder, has always known how to get maximum publicity for her (otherwise not very well known) range by using a host of celebrities to pose in her products.

Kelly: up against the wall. Splendid concept!

In the past she has used Sarah Harding, Mel B, Jade Jagger, Peaches Geldof and Gemma Atkinson. Most controversially, she replaced Rod Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster, with his ex-wife Rachel Hunter causing Stewart to say that "I hope she (Mone) chokes on her profits!" Great publicity for the start-up firm though! We are sure this wasn't deliberate!

A lot of flash shadow

Anyway, back to Kelly. We have to say, that Miss Brook apart, these shots look rather cheap and nasty. I'm sure there is some artistic reason for it, but it looks like they just stood her up against a wall in an office and took a few snaps using the camera's built in flash. Probably the idea is to shoot pictures that would look be like ones you might take of your wife at home, rather than some over-produced studio effort. Perhaps they are trying to portray Kelly as an average woman in these shots.

Unfortunately, Kelly looks as much like an average woman as a Bugatti Veyron looks like an average family car. So the effect is rather like seeing a Bugatti Veyron parked outside a block of flats in Hounslow.

Kelly's thigh/posterior interface still looks nice and firm

Kelly is now thirty, the poor old thing, and the question is has her face "turned the corner!"? This is the effect seen on beautiful women when they get past thirty and their faces lose some of the softness of youth, developing a rather harder, sharper look: often accentuated by the lady losing too much weight to keep looking fashionably too thin. You can see the effect on recent photographs of Claudia Schiffer. Actually, having seen Kelly on TV recently we think that she still looks good but the combination of unflattering make-up and lighting are not doing her any favours here.

At least the pictures look like they haven't been Photoshopped to death and in the picture above Kelly's body looks soft and natural; which we are sure it is!

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