Black and White babe of the week: 16 In the Sea

Sea nymph

Another anonymous photo which is one of Triple P's favourites. We're not sure why we like it so much: certainly the wet hair, the position of the arms and the very toned tummy have something to do with it. Or maybe its because it looks like she's widdling in the sea! Again, we don't know the photographer or the model but think that it originally came from Max magazine (in which case she could very well be widdling in the sea!).

Kylie on Mexican Max

Max was originally a German pop culture magazine, based in Hamburg, and ran monthly from 1981 until 2008. It concentrated on cityguide, popkultur, style, erotik und kreativ. All rather Triple P, really (except the style bit-that's for girls). There were other editions for Italy, France, Greece, Bulgaria and Mexico. It also used to give away an excellent, large girlie calendar with its December issue featuring pictures of the likes of Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci and Maria Grazia Cucinotta (the impossibly busty (39D-25-36) girl from one of Agent DVD's favourites films Il Postino (1994)). Like many magazines it has had to go online only now, sadly, but still concentrates on its key themes.

Greek Max: rather Playboy like

They had a fixation for supermodels and, in fact, I think, this picture could have been from a supermodel (or top model as the continentals call them) supplement in the mid nineties.

Helena Christensen; the black and white cover photographs were typical

Likewise they had a thing for Hollywood actresses (in a way that is now common but was less so then) and they managed to get them to take their clothes off in a way that other magazines often couldn't.

The divine Gillian Anderson for French Max

Being German they occasionally ran quite naughty pictures but they were usually in black and white so counted as Art, of course.
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