Black and White Babe of the Week: 18 Anna Falchi

Passes the "does she look good in a white vest?" test!

No pretence at Art this week just the slutty-looking gorgeousness of Italian actress and model Anna Falchi. Agent Triple P likes a girl with big lips (I said lips!) and they don't get much bigger than Anna's!

Anna, who is 38 next month (most of these pictures were taken over ten years ago) was actually born in Finland to an Italian father and a Finnish mother; which is a fairly potent fire and ice combination!

Anna moved from Finland to Italy at the age of six where she later worked as a model after her mother sent her to modelling school in the Eighties. She got her big break in 1992 in a TV advert directed by Federico Fellini, following her appearance in the Miss Italy competition where she won the Miss Cinema award. Since then she has appeared in a string of Italian TV shows and films and is now producing her own films.

Mysterious widow Anna wafts into the cemetery in Dellamorte Dellamore

We have only seen her in one film, 1994's zombie effort Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man in the US). She first appears as a widow in a graveyard where she attracts the attention of and very quickly gets bonked on top of a grave by Rupert Everett.

Rupert doesn't quite know how to deal with Anna's bust

The poor old fruit; not sure how he coped with Anna's bust or snogging those incredible lips. Sadly Anna's character is killed by her Zombie dead husband (such being the fate of naked girls in Zombie films).

An angelic Anna (the film is visually stylish) is wasted on Rupert

This being a stranger than usual zombie film she comes back in a number of guises and characters: all of whom are, of course, gorgeous and the camera lingers on her as if she were a Renoiresque living fruit.

Anna on the beach in Dellamorte Dellamore. If one still could make Agent Triple P buy a DVD then this could be it!

Anna is a statuesue 5'10" and 36-25-36 and has the most incredible legs: it was the picture below, from an Italian magazine, that first made Agent Triple P aware of her.

But as this is supposed to be black and white babe of the week we will finish with some nice monochromes.

From her 1999 calendar


What every girl needs to wear in the sun

A somewhat overdressed Anna

Looking good in the pool


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