Pulp Film Babe Showdown 1: Jennifer Connelly v Penelope Ann Miller

Agent Triple P enjoyed both leading ladies in The Shadow and The Rocketeer but which does he prefer?

It's a showdown between:
Busty, dark-haired Oscar winning Jennifer Connelly

and feisty red-headed Golden Globe nominee Penelope Ann Miller

Because of the late thirties setting both had the opportunity to dress up for the part, notably in nightclub scenes. Jennifer Connelly in The Rocketeer got to wear a clingy sheer oyster silk number with long gloves (always a favourite)

Now Jennifer is quite a busty woman and to my taste, although she looked very fine, she did seem rather top-heavy in her evening dress and did not really have the profile of a fashionable 1930's woman.

So whilst Jennifer looks very fine indeed in a plain cotton vest maybe the fashions of the era did not suit her as well as they might.

So, Jennifer, outstanding though you are, maybe you are more to Agent DVD's taste..

Penelope Ann Miller is not so well known but we did enjoy her running around in a little black dress being chased through a musem by an Amazonian mutant creature in The Relic.

Now, Penelope Ann had a far more impressive wardrobe in The Shadow, not having just the one evening outfit but a whole host of splendid frocks. The white nightclub dress with fur stole was stunning, in particular.

With her hair blonde and cut in a thirties way she captured the look of the period much better than Jennifer.

Nothing wrong with her bust, either (as she showed playing a stripper in Carlito's Way) but it fit into her dress rather more elegantly than Jennifer's. So I think that I prefer the slightly more subtle charms of Penelope Ann, partly because she does feisty much better but mainly because she is a real, magnificent red-head!
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