Dancing Girls

Agent Triple P has been enjoying dancing girls this week.

Several Saturday evening TV programmes are featuring very fine, good old fashioned dancing girls of a type we haven't really seen on British TV since the seventies. Italian TV, of course, uses scantily clad dancing girls at any possible opportunity-even on young children's shows. I used to have a colleague M whose niece was a Bluebell Girl who then moved to Italy as there was so much work. Many of the dancers on European TV are British.

They get their first experiences of dancing onstage at events like the one I attended in a London theatre this week. The final of a national performing arts competition with a strong dance element. Modern, tap, ballet all performed by the successful, under eighteen years old, finalists. The quality of both the dancing and the dancing girlies was first class.
There were a lot of fishnets on display and these fine young women were very happy to show off their skills and fine physiques.

Dancing girlies, as I found out on my recent visit to the British Museum are a universal standard. Wherever and whenever in history we are so there are dancing girlies. Quite right too!
The very finest dancing girlies I have ever seen were in Crazy Horse Too in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Total physical and artistic perfection!

We have also greatly enjoyed Belly Dancers (what a fine artistic idiom) in the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul and the Inter-Continental in Cairo.

This fine young lady is Danielle Clery the first dancer to appear naked on the Parisian stage at the Folies Bergere.
So here is to dancing girlies of every persuasion and as my father used to say to me "dancing is for women, children, black people and homosexuals"
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