Finnish Parks

Agent Triple P has recently returned from Helsinki (the second most northerly national capital-after Reykjavik) where he did not feel too well during his last day. He is not sure if it was too much South African sauvignon blanc, the previous night's roast reindeer or the depredations of B who is now safely back in Frankfurt. Feeling a little delicate after saying goodbye to B, therefore, I took a walk in the park opposite the hotel. Not much of a park we have to say but it had a lake and trees and those outcroppings of rocks that pop up in the most unexpected spots all over the city.

However the main attraction of the park was the dozens of nearly naked Finnish girls taking advantage of the rare hot sun. Rare is the operative word given that they are all very fair-skinned and hot sun seems to take them unawares (now there is a thought). Most of them would have been well cooked by the time I got to the airport. All they would then need is someone to rub olive oil into their skin..

Toned but toasting..

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