Miss Finland

Well, Agent Triple P is struggling today for many different reasons.

Firstly, his bio rhythms are put out by the fact that he is writing this in Helsinki and it is still completely light at 10.35pm and he is two hours ahead of London time.

Secondly, the template for making this entry is in Finnish which is most confusing.

Thirdly, he has Miss B, a German contractor, wandering around his room in a very small coffee-coloured silk chemise.

Fourthly, he has just drunk a bottle of Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc and eaten some reindeer.

Fifthly, he has become rather dehydrated today on account of the fact that it has been 25 degrees centigrade here (the first time he visited Helsinki it was minus twenty five degrees centigrade).

So while he intended doing one of his periodic assessments of foreign women he is rather distracted and feels unable to go into the usual detail.

The best litmus test of local women are, of course the Miss Universe and Miss World competitions as what is locally attractive gets the vote for Miss Finland, or whatever.

In the case of Finland we don't have to look very hard for a common denominator. Blonde.
We have been having trouble uploading pictures of the various Miss Finlands, but frankly they all look the same. The picture we took today has loaded with no trouble and she is typical enough to make the point. Her name is Anna and she works for the caterers providing the lunch at the event we attended today. Sad to see that this ridiculous leggings fashion has caught on here too. In truth, many of the Finnish girls we have met whilst undoubtedly pretty (not as pretty as German women, of course) tend to be stocky girls with child bearing hips and rather solid legs. Very blonde though. Don't really like blondes, of course.
Miss Finlands will have to wait until we get home. We need to concentrate on Germans tonight..
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