Men of Garlic

So wacky Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has decided to transmute his personal hatred of garlic into an Italian-wide ban. Italy without garlic would be like Germany without jackboots. Both define the nation despite the fact that, perhaps, they would rather it didn't.

Having had a slew (if that is the collective term-perhaps risotto is better) of Italian girlfriends in the late eighties and early nineties we soon got used to the fact that they often exuded garlic aromas (particularly if you were engaged in post lunchtime escapades as we often were). Added to this is the fact that one of these ladies, L, was, until recently, one of the most senior people in the Berlusconi organisation. I can well recall her reeking of garlic on more than one occasion but obviously this is something that she has now learned to control. She is now so famous in Italy I cannot comment any further on her!

Keep eating the parsley!
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