Slovenian National Day

Agent Triple P enjoyed the Slovenian National Day reception in Pall Mall yesterday. The actual national day is 25th June but this is near enough I suppose.

The ambassador's wife wore a daringly low-cut white dress which she carried off with remarkable style thanks to her very good, natural, anatomical features.

There were some other very daring cocktail dresses on display: low cut at the front, low cut at the back or thigh revealing. The trick, of course, is only to display one area, as two can look tarty. Sadly, not that many Slovenian girls there which is a shame as Agent Triple P visited Ljubljana for a couple of hot sunny days last September and was very impressed by the local scenery. Hoever a very good showing from one or two of the other Balkan countries. Particularly the lovely D who was there with her very fetching girlfriend who was very reminiscent of the lady below.

This is most famous Slovenian model of course, Melania Knauss, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who married Donald Trump. I'm sure she loves him for his personality.

Unfortunately, given the number of attendees last night, the canapes were rather thin on the ground and finding one was rather like locating a cod in the North Sea. Full marks for providing Slovenian wine but loss of marks for providing a Chardonnay which tasted like old style Yugoslavian "comes in a litre and a half bottle" plonk. I have had some superb wines in Slovenia but this was not one of them.

Consequently, come eight o'clock Agent Triple P was feeling thirsty and hungry and was very grateful when A, a coffee-coloured representative of the government of one of our former African colonies, agreed to have dinner with him at a nearby oriental restaurant. A was already engagingly relaxed (she obviously didn't have any problems with the Slovenian chardonnay) and had an enjoyably flirty dinner with a pleasing amount of illicit over (and under) the table physical contact. Well worth pursuing..
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