Titanic 2

So, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is planning to build a full sized replica of Titanic ready for sailing in 2016.  Most of the comment on this relates to the fact that it is being built in China, with lots of negative comments as regards quality.  Well, frankly if the original had been built with better quality rivets who knows what would have happened. 

It would be fascinating to see a version of one of the great four funneled liners at sea and, personally, we applaud the project because it is so obviously bonkers.  For Triple P, however, we don't want to see a modern take on the ship but an exact replica (at least externally).  Any attempt to tamper with its external appearance would result in something akin to those appalling seventies and eighties recreations of classic cars from the thirties, such as the Excalibur and the Panther de Ville.

Palmer has said that below the waterline it would have a bulbous bow, stern and bow thrusters and a bigger rudder (something Titanic could have done with 100 years ago) all of which is sensible.  It will be interesting to see if the project goes ahead, especially as he has said he will sail it from England to New York.  Hopefully the vessel will start out from Southampton so Triple P will be able to watch it sail past Cowes.

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