No pajamas in Hall!

We were amused to see that students at Triple P's alma mater had taken to putting up notices outside Hall to request that other students stopped turning up to breakfast in their pajamas.  This, said the offended students, was "slovenly".  Why is it that we think that these complainants were most likely to be (tweed jacket wearing) denizens of the Stallybrass law library?

We are surprised that anyone even owns pajamas any more amongst the student population, unless they are all girls wearing the typical La Senza pink and black items we have encountered recently.

Frankly, the most offensive clothes we saw at breakfast when we were there were always worn by dim Tim who seemed to wear a cricket sweater every day, even in the winter.  He annoyingly always used to have two cooked breakfasts, polishing off the first one and then saying, "can I have another "me-yal" please?"  He actually managed to turn the word "meal" into two and a half syllables.  Triple P just wanted to thump him with  a cricket bat.
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