Oxford student Madeline Grant fined for "great rack" comment

Outside the Radcliffe Camera (appropriately)

Here, for Zackers, is deluded student Madeline Grant (whose parents obviously can't spell) who was fined £120 today by the Oxford Union for bringing it into disrepute by trying to win a job as the Oxford Union librarian by claiming she had a "great rack".

Now, as a life member of the Oxford Union himself Agent Triple P wonders where her level of disrepute sits compared with inviting, say, Jordan, to speak in the Union or, indeed, the amount of cash provided by Conservative Office to fund William Hague's campaign to become Oxford Union president.  Sadly, its just another victory for the politically correct brigade.

No, we have two issues with Miss Grant's declaration.  Firstly, if you claim to have a great rack you demonstrably need to have one and on the evidence of this picture we would venture that said upper body profile so visible in other pictures is the work of that pernicious item the padded bra.

Secondly, don't use American slang.  No proper Briton would call it a rack!  

You deserve to be fined, young lady!
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