Calendar Girl April: Olga Fonda

 This is a very unflattering shot

Still trying to catch up on our backlog of monthly posts, so here is April's FHM calendar girl, Olga Fonda.  Another girl we have never heard of (and, we suspect, neither have most people) she is a Siberian model/actress now living in America, hence the change of her surname from its original Tchakova. 

She was an exchange student at a school in Maine returning to Siberia only to return to the US to study at the University of Maine before going to Los Angeles where she was spotted by a modelling scout.   She has had a few very minor TV and film roles and a bigger one in last year's Real Steel (2011) as a Russian oligarch's daughter.

You wouldn't know it from these terrible FHM (top two) pictures but she is actually a very pretty girl and does not have a blobby nose nor a deformed stomach.  

FHM call her one to watch but her prospects won't be that good if they continue to use these terrible pictures of her.  As we can see from the other photos here she scrubs up very nicely indeed.

Models successfully making the transit to the big screen are a very rare thing and she is already 29 years old so her chances of being the next big thing are slight, we reckon.

We have watched an interview with her and she still has a fetching, but commercially disastrous, Russian accent so she will need to work on that.

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