Sun at last!

It's been pouring with rain for days and days here.  One day last week we had the equivalent of two months worth of rain in 24 hours.  Water started to come into Triple P's study around the window frame and we were worried for our early Penthouse collection which is stored in file boxes near the window.  Fortunately everything seems OK as we reacted quickly with plastic sheet and Tupperware boxes to catch the drips.  Good job we were in!

 The annoyance, of course, is that we have been told we are in drought and aren't allowed to use hosepipes and yet everywhere has been awash.  The water companies say that the rain won't make any difference.  Of course we might have enough water if they didn't sell a lot of our water to overseas customers. 

Anyway, today we wake up to brilliant sunshine and nice pictures of Cheryl Cole looking slutty in the newspaper.  Hooray!
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