Another splendid Olympic specimen: Jenna Randall

More British Olympic gorgeousness on display this week with captain of the Great Britain synchronised swimming team Jenna Randall being announced as the "face" of Braun hair removal products for women, accompanied by this stylish photo shoot.

23 year old Jenna who is from Ascot has so far won three silver medals in the Commonwealth Games but was the subject of some controversy in 2010 for posing as the centrefold in Swimming Times in a glamourous fashion model style shot rather than the traditional swimming action shot.

Jenna in the 2012 Nichole de Carle calendar

Last year Jenna was one of a number of female athletes appearing in a charity calendar  put together by lingerie firm Nichole de Carle.  Synchronised swimming looks rather silly (it's the nose plugs!) and there is the usual issue of having something with such a large subjective judging element in it in the Olympics but there is no doubt about the athleticism the women have to have to compete at the top level.

However well she does in the Olympics we predict Miss Randall will go far!
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