Spring has sprung...

Ice cream weather

Spring has very much arrived here in leafy Surrey...in fact it's been more like summer.  Last week Triple P was out and about in the early morning and it was -1C whereas this week we have had 24C (75F).  This has given all the press photographers the opportunity to go out and take pictures of pretty girls enjoying the sun in London parks.

Rollerblading by the Serpentine in Hyde Park

This week Triple P had to give a lecture to a, largely female, group from a French University and they were all delightfully under dressed.  They had all had to go and buy clothes here as they weren't expecting this weather.  We have had clear blue skies for over a week now (which enabled us to have a very good view of the Jupiter/Moon/Venus conjunction on Monday - a real Venus Observation!)

A NASA photograph of an almost totally cloudless Britain taken on Monday

Needless to say, with the Easter holidays coming up the weather is predicted to get worse and they are even saying there is a risk if snow in Scotland but that serves them right for being so far in the north.  Their terrible weather is punishment for having beautiful countryside, Edinburgh and lots of lovely girls with red hair.
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