Primeval New World

Agent Triple P has enjoyed the five series of Primeval on ITV over the past few years, particularly as much of it was filmed around the area where Triple P lives.  We will never forget the velociraptor loose in the John Lewis department store in Kingston!

Lead actress Sara Canning finds something nasty

Sadly it seems to have been a victim of its own budget with the cost of providing all those CGI dinosaurs eventually becoming just too much.  The creators of the show, who were also behind the BBC's much imitated Walking with Dinosaurs, have now signed  a deal to produce a new show called Primeval New World set and filmed in Vancouver.  If it's actually set in Vancouver it will be rather unusual as usually Triple P's favourite North American city is usually standing in for somewhere else (as it does for Boston in Fringe which we are currently enjoying).

Andrew-Lee Potts in Vancouver last week

Although it will have a new, Canadian cast, Andrew-Lee Potts from the UK show will be guest starring in one episode and was photographed filming in Vancouver last week.  Also, intriguingly, one episode at least will be directed by Amanda Tapping from Stargate.  Production started ten days ago so we will have to ask our friend S to keep her eyes open for film crews on the streets (although it's actually hard not to run into a film crew in Vancouver).

The producers say the show will be "older, darker and scarier" than the original whereas the original show managed a delicate balance of family friendly and occasionally chilling.  Still, let's hope it is a success as if it is there is a chance that the UK version may be resurrected.   Its due to be shown in the UK at the end of this year.

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