Over the Rainbow

Triple P's favourite: Welsh song bird Sophie Evans

Agent Triple P enjoys the occasional reality TV talent show (not Britain's Got Talent however, that is dire and the ITV2 follow-up show Britain's Got More Talent is possibly the most embarrassingly bad TV show on air at present) and is currently following Over The Rainbow.

This is yet another 13 week advertisement for one of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's shows (we don't know what Lord Reith would have made of such blatant advertising on the BBC) where a whole gaggle of (largely unattractive) young ladies fight for the role of Dorothy in ALW's new production of The Wizard of Oz. ALW has done a number of these shows now and is gradually becoming a caricature of himself (although some might say he looks like a caricature to start with). As the ladies are put through their paces on stage the camera often cuts to ALW for a reaction shot only to find he is invariably gurning or muttering to himself like a deranged baboon.

This show hasn't turned up the sort of talented totty we had on the previous show, which sought to discover a new Nancy for Lionel Bart's dreary Oliver; which was almost the dying breath of the old-style musical. In that we had the rather scrumptious Sam Barks (who Triple P caught on stage earlier in the year where she was quite special) and feisty Irish teenager Jessie Buckley.

Sam Barks: scrumptious

Agent DVD's favourite sixteen year old Dani was voted off whilst he was down under but Agent Triple P's favourite , Welsh red-head Sophie Evans remains in contention. She is not to be confused with Spanish-based Hungarian porn star Sophie Evans whose talents lie in other directions.

The other Sophie Evans

Triple P isn't overly fond of woemn with UK regional accents but we make an exception for Welsh which we have always found rather musical and sensual. Or maybe it is just the memory of Welsh lovely V who was a brief distraction at college.
Intriguingly, the first girl to go out of the current series, Amy Williams, turned out to be a Page 3 model.
Amy assumes a familiar pose
No doubt her rapid exit (as she was actually a pretty good singer) was hastened by the fact that: (if you believe that the BBC fix all of these telephone voting contests) she could have turned out to be a big embarrassment for the programme given her rather un-Dorothy like background or, (if you believe all these telephone voting talent shows are now scrupulously fair) she was voted out because the principal viewers are fat, ugly middle-aged women who all hate any attractive woman.

Amy Williams in a very un Dorothy-like pose

Anyway, Triple P wishes the lovely Sophie luck tonight. We think she'll need it as she is looking very shaky for tonight's results show. If she goes we really can't think who we would support going forward. Annoying, perky Scot Jenny with skin so "problem" she looks like a plague victim? Pop-eyed Jessica from Middlesborough with her receding chin? Hyper stage school brat Steph (the child of two minor pop celebrities from the eighties and nineties)? Scouse ratbag Stephanie whose forehead is so huge it reflects the studio lights like a heliograph? The choice is not brilliant...
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