Caviar vending machine

Yes, exactly what it says on the tin! The Russians now have access to caviar vending machines! This, of course, would be an ideal addition to our local village shop in "Surrey's capital of bling", which already sells a dozen or so prestige Champagne cuvees. All we would need is some quails eggs and we would be well set up for a TV snack! Sadly, of course, it only dispenses salmon caviar not the proper stuff but I'm sure it would work with the real thing in "Britain's most expensive village" TM. Oscietra for Triple P, please!

Co-incidentally, Agent Triple P has been with people from Russia today, one of whom was a particulary delightful example of Russian femininity in a barely there summer dress. She would be ideal to share some caviar with, although her top was so low-cut a long handled spoon might be useful to have on hand.
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