Most Searched Item: April 2010

The lovely Cheryl Cole

1 (4) Cheryl Cole. A first time at number one for "the Sexiest Woman in the World" and object of a recent Triple P dream. Fortunately her horrible tattos didn't feature.
2 (2) Margaret Nolan. Second month at number two.
3 (3) Emily Blunt. Necond month at number three.
4 (6) Tori Praver. Highest ranking ever for Tory Prawn.
5 (19) Brande Roderick. Right up again for grape crushing Playmate.
6 (11) Jarah Mariano. Up again for swimsuit babe
7 (5) Pirate girls. Avast behind! Drops a spot.
8 (11) Linda Lusardi. Doing well but not as well as at Venus Observations.
9 (15) Cindy Morgan. Big leap for cute Eighties actress.
10 (1) Katrina Hodge. Big drop for army babe.
11 (12) Ekaterina Ivanova. Up yet again for unattractive Russian bimbo.
12 (-) Jade Ewen. Into the top 20 again for leggy Sugababe.
13 (-) Holly Willoughby. Re-entering too for busty presenter.
14 (17) Hawaiian girls. Pacific babes bounce up again.
15 (18) Jessica White. Sports Illustrated babe hops up a few places.
16 (7) Luci Victoria. Down but not out for rare British playmate.
17 (13) Sophie Howard. Another consistently popular busty Brit.
18 (16) Patricia Velasquez. Model/actress hangs in there.
19 (-) Gabrielle Drake. Welcome re-entry for classy actress.
20 (10) Irena Shayk. A drop but still in for Russian model.

Bigggest climber this month was the grapelicious Brande Roderick. Highest re-entry was Jade Ewen. Irena Shayk was the biggest faller.

Looking at the top non girlie searches we have:

1 The Adventures of Triple P.
2 Norman bel Geddes.
3 Errol Flynn.
4 Hotel Babylon.
5 Pubic Wars.
6 Fontainebleau Hotel.
7 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.
8 Jerome Moross.
9 How to Murder your Wife soundtrack.
10 Crisp packet colours.

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