FHM 100 Sexiest Woman v Maxim Hot 100 - 2010

Cheryl: top in FHM nowhere in Maxim

So take two very similar magazines with very similar readerships and ask them to vote for the most attractive women on the planet and you would expect some sort of consensus, right? Wrong. The FHM sexiest list and the Maxim Hot 100 have both appeared this month and they look very different.

The FHM top 10 looks like this (Maxim ranking in brackets):

1 Cheryl Cole (-)
2 Megan Fox (5)
3 Marisa Miller (10)
4 Frankie Sandford (-)
5 Keeley Hazell (90)
6 Kristen Stewart (-)
7 Kelly Brook (89)
8 Adriana Lima (-)
9 Jessica Alba (34)
10 Abbey Clancy (-)

Katy Perry. More a sort of OK looking shopgirl than the sexiest woman on the planet, surely?

The Maxim top 10 looks like this (FHM figures in brackets):

1 Katy Perry (37)
2 Brooklyn Decker (-)
3 Zoe Saldana (24)
4 Blake Lively (76)
5 Megan Fox (2)
6 Rihanna (43)
7 Elisabetta Canalis (-)
8 Olivia Munn (-)
9 Kim Kardashian (-)
10 Marisa Miller (3)

So, the only girls in common are actress Megan Fox and model Marisa Miller (is she really that famous?). Megan Fox is the only one in the top five of both. In the top 20 they share only five girls. In the whole 100 they only share 26. Cheryl Cole doesn't feature at all on the Maxim top 100 list. Katy Perry, number 1 on the Maxim list is 37th on the FHM list. In each top ten four or five girls don't appear at all in the other's top 100!

This is all very curious and makes us wonder whether the lists are really the subject of public voting or are just weighted in favour of which women the magazines have arranged features on going forward. Now, Agent Triple P keeps a weather eye on babes of the moment but he has not heard of six of the Maxim top 20 at all and eight of the FHM top 20. He hasn't heard of 31 of the FHM top 100 and an amazing 62 of the Maxim list. By not heard of we mean absolutely no idea who they are - haven't even heard their name in passing. If the votes aren't fixed it sounds like tactical internet voting by cabals of fans. FHM also doesn't have what the Americans would call "a woman of colour" in their top twenty wheras Maxim has two in their top ten.

So who would Triple P vote for in 2010? Easy. Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, who is 78 on the FHM list and nowhere on the Maxim list. To be voted one of the sexiest women you have to appear to be sexy not just look good in a swimsuit.

Christina Hendricks. Properly sexy.

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