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Nicole wins the glittering prize

Many of this blog's fixations have been in the news in the last 24 hours or so so its time for a news round up!

Nicole demonstrates why Lewis Hamilton was so keen to get back together with her

Firstly, uber-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger won Dancing with the Stars, the American version of Strictly Come Dancing, one of Agent Triple P's guilty pleasures. How can this be fair? The woman spends most of her life dancing on stage! How can she go on a show which is supposed to be for people who can't dance? Nonsense! I'd be right miffed if I was the runner-up! Also, it seems, the rest of the Pussycat Dolls having recently quit or been pushed Nicole has reappeared with an entirely new line-up. Will anyone notice the difference? Er, no. Four girls, carefully chosen to look exactly like the departing posse gave their first "performance" last Friday night.

It's a brand new band, honest

Some of Nicole's fans (yes, there are such people) have been asking why she doesn't just go solo instead of fronting another bunch of disposable, non-singing backing dancers. The answer is, of course, that the only reason anyone is vaguely interested in the PCD (as they like to be known- it sounds like a hallucinogenic) is precisely because there are a bunch of half-dressed, slutty-looking women writhing about in the background. No backing dancers, no interest in Nicole on her own.

Now, on to someone who can sing (allegedly), busty Welsh warbler Katherine Jenkins was "performing" in Argentina this week in a most peculiar dress that made her look rather like a badly stuffed black pudding.

Now, as we appreciate hourglass shaped women we will not be making any comment on her profile here, but what is going on underneath her dress? What is that peculiar ridge line that goes around her waist? It looks like her top half has been slotted into her bottom half like an egg into an egg cup. Is she a life sized Barbie after all? Or could it be she is wearing girdle?

Fancy a Flake?

On to another "singer", X-Factor reject Diana Vickers, whose voice resembles a hyena gargling with frogs, who has a new single out and is shown posing about in some new pictures looking all rather Cadbury's Flake advert-like. Actually, we have to say, she looks rather appealing. As long as we don't have to listen to her.

Diana practices her Flake technique

The lovely Kelly looking lovely as usual

Finally, the lovely Kelly Brook was launching the Sky Ride charity cycle rides in London today outside that lop-sided pickled onion that is the Mayor of London's office. She looked very fetching in her summer dress but looking at her shoes we suspect she is not a regular cyclist. Why is Kelly not our current National Treasure instead of Cheryl Cole who, at last, announced she is divorcing Ashley today? She has said she doesn't want any money from him but maybe that is because she now is worth more than him. Maybe he won't be so magnanimous, after all, he could argue that she wouldn't have been anything like as famous if she hadn't been such a high profile WAG.

Cheryl attending the red carpet premiere of a film in Cannes recently. She didn't actually watch the film but just went to another party but does seem to have mastered the Royal wave

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