Pussycat Dolls break up

Well, not exactly earth shattering news this week and does anyone really care anyway? The concept of taking a bunch of strippers and turing them into a musical group who can dress and dance around like a bunch of strippers is not exactly imaginative but that is what eminence gris Robin Antin did and he made a very good living out of it. The girls, we suspect, didn't do so well out of the deal. Everyone knew that of the six (and then five) of them only Nicole Scherzinger could sing anyway and when she left, to spend more time with dimunitive petrol head Lewis Hamilton, their number was almost up.

Agent Triple P doesn't think that their is anything wrong with underdressed women writhing about on stage whilst pretending to perform rather unpleasant music. Its just that most of them looked like a bunch of past it ratbags (Nicole excepted, to be fair). Nevertheless the Malaysian government fined the organisers of their 2006 Kula Lumpur concert a not very punitive $3,000 for "sexually explicit dancing". Who did they think they were getting, The Nolans?

Anyway I am sure the powers behind the group are already casting another (hopefully younger and more attractive and, no doubt, cheaper) team as I write this, whilst all the time still claiming that the group is about female empowerment. Even Agent Triple P wouldn't be brazen enough to try to claim that!

Pussycat Dolls tour management save money by failing to provide underwear again

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