Russian Girls go Glossy

Where Agent Triple P lives we are bombarded by glossy free "lifestyle" magazines which are full of advertisements for £12,500 a year schools, £25,000 watches, £300,000 cars, £4,000,000 boats and £6,000,000 houses.

The most recent of these enormous waste of trees thudded through the letterbox last week and was even thicker, glossier and more over the top than usual. Interestingly, much of it seemed to be aimed at the increasing Russian population of the area: and we aren't talking about itinerant shelf-stackers here.

Agent Triple P was very taken by their fashion feature, primarily because most of it looked like it could have been the first picture in an early eighties Mayfair photo shoot. A couple of very dodgy looking girls looking suitably retro and lounging around in a boutique hotel. The thing about it was that it was clearly aimed at the sort of Russians who are interested in buying £25,000 ruby and diamond encrusted mobile phones, from the Cyrillic writing to the old-fashioned, trashy look of the women.

Magazine art directors love these photo features that tell a little story. This one is about as subtle as Pamela Anderson.

Here we have Natasha meeting up with her friend, Tanya, for a quick game of chess. Tanya is obviously a more sophisticated lady than her innocent young friend, as well as being the sort of woman who forgets her petticoats.

Later Tanya reads to her from a "privately printed" Victorian novel about a woman and her chambermaid. Natasha is shocked but strangely intrigued.

It's not long until Natasha is attending to Tanya's every whim.

The final picture is rather mysterious. Natasha has disappeared and Tanya is standing dominantly on a table looking like she is either going to jump on a reclining Natasha, invisible in front of her on the floor, or lift her skirts and pee on her. This is Agent Triple P's favourite picture! What a wonderful back!

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