Martina Hingis

So Martina Hingis denies taking cocaine but still resigns from the professional tennis circuit and thereby avoids ever having to take any more drug tests.

Hingis is famously "Swiss" whilst in fact actually being a Slovakian with a Czech mother and a Hungarian father. She seems to have been around for ages but is still only just 27.

Whilst there is all sorts of nonsense about her tennis playing ability on the internet she is most famous for the fact that she could not control her knickers during a match given her quite splendidly voluptous bottom leading to several "Martina Hingis up the skirt" websites.

Agent Triple P likes the concept of strapping lady tennis players, probably due to a dodgy photo set in a magazine he collected when he was a teenager which posited overheated lesbian tennis girls in a sauna.
This set, which Agent Triple P still possesses, is over 30 years old and obviously well loved but started a love of toned girls in tennis whites which he has never got over.

It seems that this scenario is all too likely in the current professional circuit.

Whether Martina indulged in this has to be left to the imagination (she was famously rude about lesbian star Amelie Mauresmo), but here she is with tennis partner Anna Kournikova and there were a lot of rumours. Interestingly any man she started going out with ended up injured within weeks. Mercy me what could have caused that?
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