Latin Babes 1: Salma Hayek

Went to the Tapas Bar again for the second time this week and our favourite Brazilian girl was there again. She was feeling a bit under the weather and so we had to feel her forehead but she was nice and cool. My colleague W started explaining that we had this stuff called Vick and it needed to be rubbed in.. W is a very sound fellow and is front runner for the job that comes up at the end of March. A, the Polish girlie was looking particularly fit and was completely distracting my colleague. He is a leg man so is very complementary to my and Agent DVDs separate predilictions!

On Monday I went there with another colleague, who hasn't been there before, and two very curvy Russian Girls sat next to us and were being flirty so we had to buy them some wine. Shame we had a meeting at 2.30. Looks like Agent DVD picked the wrong week to go mountain biking in Cambodia!

Anyway, we were reading one of the free newspapers on the way home and Salma Hayek (who is one of those actresses you've heard of without actually having seen one of her films) has said that her bust is a "gift from God". When she was younger she was very flat-chested and so prayed for bigger breasts. Looks like it worked. We know Agent DVD is a big fan!

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