Lance Armstrong

No, even half naked they still don't look attractive.
Apparently slightly scary uber-cyclist Lance Armstrong has been caught canoodling with half of scary American twin celebrity dwarf unit ashleyandmarykateolsen (TM).

No doubt he has been on the lookout for some female company since breaking up with warty faced country singer Sheryl (looks like a) Crow (above) but, really, you'd think he could do better than the duck-faced taller twin. Ashley is a towering 5'3" (half an inch shorter than Sheryl but four inches taller than Moria sized sister Mary Kate who is 4'11"). But then Lance is only 5'8" himself so all the attention is on the fact that he is 15 years older than her. Amazingly, considering how long they have been around, the Olsen twins are still only 21. But what do they do, exactly? And why do Americans think they are attractive?

It's all very strange.
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