Sophie Anderton: going down

But only if you pay £10,000 a night, apparently. Former Gossard Wonder babe Anderton has come a long way since stopping traffic with her Gossard ads in the 90s. Unfortunately, it's all been downhill. She reached bottom this week when an undercover News of the World Reporter (are there any other kind?) videoed her snorting cocaine and trying to charge £10,000 for sex. Whilst models snorting cocaine is nothing new despite the press vilification of Kate Moss (Triple P went to a Brazilian model's birthday party in Milan once and there was more coke than a MacDonalds childrens' birthday party), trying to charge £10,000 for sex is less usual.

Whilst Anderton has a good set of cheekbones and long legs what does she think she is worth? Agent Triple P can't believe that any woman is worth £10,000 for a bonk. It's Chateau Lafite syndrome: a £5,000 bottle is not really worth a 1000 times the cost of a bottle of Wolf Blass in Tesco but people will pay for the exclusivity.

Poor Sophie doesn't realise that by charging that sort of money she is torpedoeing any exclusivity she might have had.

Anyway, today she has lost a £100,000 modelling contract for a fake tan you've never heard of. It makes us very suspicious that the whole thing has been engineered so this firm can get some publicity. Or are we just being a great big cynical old Hector?

Hmm, £500 maybe. And half that in the Baltics, including a better bust. Or so we are told.

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