Agent DVD returns

So he is back from his mission to the Far East but we haven't been able to catch up with him yet. No doubt he was hoping there would be someone like this along.

Now he was very dissapointed he wouldn't have an evening in Bangkok as we think he was feeling that he might need a massage to ease his muscles. But maybe he managed to bring back a Thai girl to keep his Porsche clean. He does enjoy a girlie washing a car!

No doubt he will have discovered how very lovely Vietnamese girls are. In my limited experience, much lovelier than the rather overrated Thai women.

That said, Triple P has fond memories of staying in a hotel in Bangkok (now sadly closed) which had a splendid sports club attached. We went to the changing room and discovered a frosted glass wall between the mens' and womens' changing rooms. The womens' changing room had black walls so all these pale shapes were visible the other side. The mens' changing room had white walls. This particular club used to employ models to play tennis and hang out in the gym just to make the place more attractive. Agent Triple P has never spent so much time in a hotel gym.

Agent Triple P has been to Vietnam twice and enjoyed the company of J a local girl from a very well connected family. Like all Vietnamese girls she was slender to the point that you were scared you might crush her: easily solved by putting her on top, of course. Agent DVD may be in a dilemma here because whilst they are very lovely they may just be too skinny for him!

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