British Airways Cabin Crew

They really are the most miserable bunch on the planet: grumpy, unhelpful and considerably less attractive than even the average citizen; which means BA must go out of their way to choose ugly people. I have seen one, just one, BA hostess who you could describe as beautiful and looking like you'd want a hostess to look like. Still better than Air Canada though. They seem to recruit the sort of women who built log cabins in the Rockies with their bare hands and ate their boots for dinner. Increasing use of dodgy males too on BA-the last one I saw had make-up and eyeliner! Yurch!
They also seem a lot older than most other airlines' cabin crew. This is probably because they have such a cushy number that they never want to leave. And now BA is doing something about people who throw sickies and they are all out on strike! They want to limit sickness to 13 days a year. 13 days! If any of my team took 13 days sick off then they'd get no pay rise. In my last job, in the Canadian office I was reponsible for, if you didn't take days off sick up to a maximum amount per quarter you got extra leave. Incentivise people not to be off sick!
Fortunately, given I am making 8 BA flights in the next month, I manage to miss all the strike days. No doubt all the flights either side will be messed up too, though.
Rather have this crew.. rubbery!
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