Back from Bulgaria

So, a good trip to Sofia, although I was late getting there due to everything connected with the flight going wrong. The flight back was the smoothest I had had for ages, though: no bumps at all!

There are two sorts of girl in Bulgaria: really ugly ones and really attractive ones. There doesn't seem to be much in between. There were some absolute babes at the seminar all very much along the lines of this creature: dark and obvious - my favourite.
We went to a great local restaurant Ya Fata and had enourmous plates of grilled meat and sausage all served by another gypsy-looking lovely. The women obviously don't eat the local food..
I didn't have time to see anything but at least I had a walk from one of the banks through the old town, which was very attractive. A shame it was raining all the time but at least it was warm..
Canada next.
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