Not even a six..

Dinner with Agent DVD who was in fine form jovially taking on several national utilities who had dared cross his path and offering avuncular support to a good selection of the young babes who seem to exclusively populate his office.

Went to new Belgian Bakery Le Pain Quotidien which, given it features bucketloads of continetal bread is not ideal for a diabetic who has to watch his simple carb intake. Agent DVD rightly identified it as a "bit of a girlie place" but sadly the scenery was somewhat lacking. Cute but rather ditzy Chinese waitress was in complete contrast to the far more polished number in The Archduke who regaled me with details of the best places to eat in Shanghai.

Had a rather good red Australian organic wine whose name escapes me but finished in .eroo I think. Like kangeroo or walleroo or some such antipodean nonsense. Nice big glasses as well.

Had a "Tuscan platter" most of the components of which I was unable to identify and very few seemed particularly Tuscan. More bread. Don't think I will take my blood sugar reading tonight.

Had lunch with the lovely R, a Keble graduate and very good company. She has been landed in a difficult position re her job so hope I can help her out. Joined me for a later meeting with 4 of my favourite girlies. All 5 of them talking perfect sense in a way that the usual crumbly males that that organisation usually fields don't. Refreshing!

Not even a six on the station concourse on the way back though..
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