Pixie Lott

A nice bar for a Martini

Well, no sooner had we featured Miss Lott, as a recent calendar girl, than we see the young lady in question in a bar. Agent Triple P was just having a (very nice) cup of tea in The May Fair (yes the pretentious space is deliberate) Hotel bar when he thought he would take a picture as a possible venue for a Martini Club meeting. Paying no attention to who was in the shot one of said people subsequently came over to speak to some friends sitting next to Triple P and it turned out it was none other than pop poppet Pixie in person.

We can't enlarge it any more without it becoming pixellated

She was standing a good two feet away and we can report that she is much prettier in person (although wearing too much make-up) and that her famous legs are obviously Photoshopped. She actually had nice legs but they were certainly not as stick thin as some pictures make out. The poor girl also had to put up with a posse of paparazzi sticking their lenses through the window right behind Triple P, annoyingly.
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