Ryanair calendar 2008

Agent Triple P tries to avoid budget airlines if at all possible. However, some years ago we had to fly to Dublin and did so on Ryanair for the sum of £9.99 return. It was a most unpleasant experience with the real issue being the lack of space between seat rows.

Miss January, Julia

Ryanair have been voted worst airlines in the world by Tripadvisor, for the fourth year running, with a massive 41% of the vote. Earlier this year they were voted as one of the ten least ethical companies in the world.

Miss February, Jaroslava

A Which? survey last month put Ryanair second worst for travellers. Apart from uncomfortable seats and rude staff most complaints are about the extra charges they levy for virtually everything (they are planning to introduce a charge for using the toilet!).

Miss March, Karolina

Agent Triple P used to work for someone whose brother was a Ryanair pilot and she refused to fly with them. Something to do with maintenance intervals being somewhat further apart than on, say, British Airways.

Miss April, Nicola

Given this horrendous reputation it's perhaps not surprising that someone within Ryanair thought that maybe bringing out a charity calendar would engender some positive publicity for a change.

Miss May, Olga

Amazingly, they decided to go for a girlie calendar featuring some of their stewardesses. Even more amazingly 800 of their cabin crew applied for the 12 places.

Miss June, Magda

The stunt backfired when people questioned the image of having scantily clad girls posing to raise money for a children's charity . The press agreed of course, whilst, at the same time taking the opportunity to show as may pages as possible from the calendar.

Miss July, Edita

Having located all 12 pages of the Spanish Air Comet girls we feel that it is only fair to present all 12 of the Ryanair girls from their first calendar in 2008.

Miss August, Vera

Interestingly, a quick scan of their names shows that very few would seem to originate from the Emerald Isle. Not surprisingly, most have Eastern European names as do most models the world over, these days.

Miss September, Iris

This does start to explain one of the great mysteries of Triple P's teenage years: why were there no attractive women in the mid seventies? Today, films, magazines and the internet are stuffed with bikini wearing lovelies but in 1975, nothing.

Miss October, Joanna

The answer, of course, was that they were all behind the iron curtain building tractors, working on collective farms and taking drugs to postpone puberty so they could compete as gymnasts.

Miss November, Ingrid

From the nineteen eighties (to be fair, Penthouse spotted the potential of them even earlier) a flood of Eastern European lovelies has cascaded from the lands of Plodni Splodni into the west to completely dominate all froms of modelling from catwalk to porn.

Miss December, Dominika

Such must be the competition, that those who can't quite make it sign up as air hostesses, luckily for us. Unluckily for us none of them seem to join British Airways or Air Canada.

Misses September, May, November, February, June and January in uniform

Even more excitement would be generated by the frothing press with the publication of the 2009 calendar, but that must wait for another day.

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