Black and White Babe of the Week: 24 Diane Kruger

Agent Triple P is having something of a Bronze Age phase at present and is watching various TV and film versions of the Trojan Wars story. How appropriate, therefore, to present the German actress Diane Kruger, who played Helen in Wolfgang Petersen's flawed but still enjoyable Troy (2003).

Miss Heidkr├╝ger (to give her her correct name), who is now 33, wanted to become a ballerina when she was a child and actually won a place at the Royal Ballet School before an injury prematurely ended her dancing career. She moved to Paris, became a model and later took acting classes. Although she has appeared in around twenty films Troy remains her most famous role, although there was some negative criticism about her not being beautiful or charismatic enough for Helen and her acting being as wooden as the horse.

Currently, her main cinematic employment seems to be in the sub-Indiana Jones type National Treasure films with Nicholas Cage. Diane displays a suspiciously larger bust in Troy than she does in these pictures from her modelling days but that could have been because director Wolfgang Petersen got her to put 15lbs weight on for the part to make her look curvier.

Just so that you can appreciate her in colour here are some shots by Antoine Verglas for German Vogue.

Her boyfriend is, very much the best actor in Dawson's Creek, Joshua Jackson, and they split their time between Vancouver and Paris: what a trial.

Worth launching a thousand ships for? Perhaps not, but certainly worth launching something to pick her up out of the sea..
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