Megan Fox: too skinny!

She needs a good plate of pasta or twenty...

Agent Triple P is not very impressed with the latest pictures of former "Sexiest Woman in the World", Megan Fox. We have to confess that we hadn't heard of her when she won the FHM title a couple of years ago. When enquiring of a friend we were told: "she is the girl from Transformers!", which Triple P had written off (rightly) as a children's film.

The one reason she is famous...

We did see part of this film (it really is unspeakabkly dreadful) and felt that Megan actually wasn't that attractive. She has bad skin including some acne scarring; all too visible in high definition.
Bad skin day!

Her sole attractive asset was her tummy (which was much lingered on by the director) and indeed her tummy, in just one scene (see second picture from top), seems to be her sole claim to fame.

Megan last year looking a little curvier at least.

We subsequently discovered that she is covered in tattoos and seems to be getting more all the time. She will soon be as bad as Angelina Jolie. Whils Triple P doesn't mind one small tatoo on a young lady when it gets to the Fox/Winehouse/Jolie stage it is just repellant. The first girl we met who had one was T, who had Winnie the Pooh on her shoulder, back in 1997. At that time it was unusual and slightly racy. Now, however, these horrible things are despoiling a generation of young women.

To compound it all she has got far too thin. Some of her apologists have observed that it is just working out in the gym that has given her such visible abdominals and that this is the only reason. Sorry, but everyone has a six pack underneath their skin it's just that it isn't usually visible, given a layer of fat. Megan just looks like someone with a very low body fat percentage here; she also has a very bony chest which is typical of someone underweight. Not nice!
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