Kelly Brook to pose for Playboy

Kelly poses with digitally inserted lion

Splendid news that the luscious Kelly Brook has agreed to pose for some "tasteful" pictures for a forthcoming Playboy; for a modest fee of $500,000 ( a bargain, surely?). Lets just hope they don't: plaster on too much make-up so that the poor girl is unrecognisable; do some "arty" layout, like this month's FHM shoot (we want to look at Kelly not some badly inserted lion); put her in some really ugly fashions or Photoshop her to the extent that she looks like a waxwork. Well, alright the last is probably wishful thinking. No date for her appearance has been set yet but at least Agent Triple P has now found a shop in London that actually sells Playboy.

A lot of writing with a girl behind it

What a shadow of its former self this magazine has become. This month's issue is a measly 152 pages compared with June 1976, which we are currently researching for Venus Observations, which is a hefty 234 pages.

A girl with some writing

The 1976 cover actually has more words on it than the 2010 one but they take up a lot less space. Less is more, chaps...

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