UFO hits Wind turbine

Or it did if you believe The Sun anyway. Dozens of people saw strange orange lights over Lincolnshire before one hit the turbine in Conisholme on Sunday. No aerial collisions have been reported and the Ministry of Defence is not investigating, which may, of course mean that they have a plane hidden away with a big dent in it. Wind turbine insurance experts (there are such people?) claim that these things do just sling a blade once in a while. Odd that the turbine generating people, therefore, claim they have never seen anything like it. But then if you were trying to plant these noisy, ugly things all over the planet the last thing you would want to admit is that they occasionally just disintegrate, chucking tons of blade all over the coutryside. UFOs sound like a much better thing to hide behind. As for the witnesses, well Lincolnshire must be the most boring county in Britain so no doubt that's the reason the locals are so keen to jump on the Sun's UFO wagon.
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